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    Amazing customer support with log analysis

    Empower customer support teams to solve customer problems and route issues to the right developers.

    Easy-to-use search

    Customer support reps don’t need to learn a proprietary query language to gain value from Loggly. They can type in simple search terms and see answers.

    Or, create saved searches that identify commonly encountered issues so support reps get answers in one click.

    Log data summaries as easy to peruse as a shopping site

    Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM is like a map of your data, showing both the most common events and the anomalies.?Using point and click, a support rep can quickly isolate?specific information, for example based on request ID or transaction ID.


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    Jira software integration

    Customer support reps can file?tickets in Atlassian Jira or GitHub right within the log view. Ticket templates ensure that they provide all relevant information and include pre-populated fields. Reps can automatically incorporate the log view they are looking at so that developers get a headstart on issues that get escalated.

    Loggly has transformed our processes and helped us be much more effective in working with our customers.

    Chelsea Stroh Head of Customer Happiness, Recruiterbox
    • Proactive monitoring

      View app performance, system behavior, and unusual activity across the stack. Monitor key resources and metrics and eliminate issues before they affect users.

    • Troubleshooting with logs

      Trace issues down to their root cause. See how components interact across your stack, identify correlations, view source code, and share findings with your team.

    • Team collaboration and integration

      Work better as a team using data and analysis with DevOps tools. Loggly integrates with Slack, GitHub, Jira, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, custom webhooks and more.

    • Loggly for enterprises

      Multi-tenant SaaS provides scalability, flexibility, and availability to meet the highest standards with low TCO.

    See Loggly in action

    Real-time access to logs is a very valuable tool for teams supporting software applications and transactional websites. Learn more about how?Loggly’s ease of use?gives customer support reps a practical way to close more issues and escalate faster.

    Speed up MTTR now.

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