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    Proactive Log Monitoring Troubleshooting and Diagnostics with Logs Security and Compliance Log Analysis and Reporting DevOps Integrations Loggly for Enterprise Scale DevOps Products

    DevOps integrations for better teamwork

    Collaborate throughout the software life cycle with Loggly integrations for PagerDuty, Slack, GitHub, Jira, Microsoft Teams, and other DevOps solutions.

    Common Trace ID

    Stop hunting through systems to find relevant logs.? Loggly provides a common trace ID that isolates logs to a specific transaction or request and creates a common view of impacted systems, event data, and stakeholders.? With the common trace ID you can view events in context and rapidly pinpoint bottlenecks and failure points.

    Alerts delivered where you work

    Send Loggly alerts to PagerDuty, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any webhook-compatible notification service. Every alert comes with representative events and a link to the corresponding view within Loggly.

    Monitor for a variety of conditions with alerts based on searches, thresholds for your log metrics, and other statistical measures.

    Shareable dashboards and views

    Create and share interactive dashboards visualizing complex datasets and time-based dimensions. Control who can access and edit each dashboard.

    Share insights from any view, search, or analysis you create in Loggly simply by sharing a link.

    GitHub integration

    Loggly links your logs directly to the corresponding file and line in your source code from GitHub, using the filenames included in Java, JavaScript, or Python stack traces. You can connect to the right team member faster by viewing all of the recent commits.

    Atlassian Jira Software and GitHub ticketing integration

    Increase your users’ productivity by filing Atlassian Jira or GitHub tickets from within Loggly. Add the appropriate information from your log data with a single click and accelerate the next steps with pre-populated fields.

    With Loggly, filing a ticket involves a lot less context switching and copy-and-paste.

    Anyone with more than six or seven microservices in production on more than 20 servers simply must centralize the log data.

    Mohit Khanna Senior Cloud Architect, Datami

    Live Tail

    Give subject matter experts a look into what’s going on at any time.

    Without the need to have root access or to even log into the remote systems, Loggly Live Tail allows teams to look at a real-time, cross-stack stream of log data. You can even share that stream, and whatever filters you apply to it, via HipChat or Slack.

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    • Proactive monitoring

      View app performance, system behavior, and unusual activity across the stack. Monitor key resources and metrics and eliminate issues before they affect users.

    • Troubleshooting with logs

      Trace issues down to their root cause. See how components interact across your stack, identify correlations, view source code, and share findings with your team.

    • Data analysis and reporting

      Analyze and visualize your data to answer key questions, track SLA compliance, and spot trends. Loggly simplifies investigation and KPI reporting.

    • Loggly for enterprises

      Our multi-tenant SaaS provides a secure, fast, scalable, and highly available solution to meet the highest standards while keeping TCO low.

    How Loggly works

    See how to visualize your data with Loggly.

    Get your team on the same page with integrated log analysis.

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