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    Monitoring for Your Hybrid Apps

    Identify and troubleshoot problems quickly and easily by using SolarWinds? Loggly? with the other products in SolarWinds’ cloud monitoring portfolio.

    The SolarWinds cloud monitoring portfolio helps provide full-stack visibility, from user experience to custom metrics, distributed traces, and log management.

    Database Performance Monitor

    Database performance monitoring and optimization for open source databases.

    • Full visibility into MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora, and Redis
    • Deep insights into database workload and query behavior to optimize database performance
    • Comprehensive database performance analytics include query samples and explain plans help to resolve slow statements
    • Unified view of all your database types and servers to understand your overall system performance
    • 24/7 monitoring, for both real-time and historical performance analysis
    • One-second granularity helps you spot and diagnose the smallest performance issues before they become larger ones


    Infrastructure and application monitoring

    • Full-stack application performance management (APM) without the cost or complexity
    • Auto-instrumented application service topology maps
    • Service and trace summaries designed to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues
    • Error and performance monitoring down to the query or line of code
    • One click access to all logs associated with a transaction trace
    • Modern infrastructure monitoring
    • AWS and Azure monitoring


    Web application performance monitoring

    • Know the moment your site is unavailable
    • Optimize user experience with faster load times
    • Fix critical site flow issues before they affect your business
    • Know your users and their digital behavior with real-time insights
    • Troubleshoot performance issues from the end-user perspective


    Cloud-hosted log management

    • Get instant log visibility across your systems—simple to set up and easy to use
    • Troubleshoot with full text search; tail, interpret, and act on real-time log streams
    • Create alerts from the search bar and receive notifications over text, email, or messaging apps

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