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    Why logging .NET errors is challenging

    Managing .NET logs can be tedious

    Identifying errors from the .NET logs in case of a multilayered application running across the distributed stack can be cumbersome. It would take up hours of your time to discover the exact cause of the problem.

    Traditional tools don’t support preemptive troubleshooting

    Traditional .NET loggers offer little support in proactively monitoring logs or giving insight into an issue that might be progressively getting worse, or taking timely actions to avoid more critical issues.

    Lack of visualization hinders analysis

    Visual representation of complex log data helps pinpoint the errors. Many organizations use open-source tools to visualize their logs, but using these tools require complex integrations.

    Aggregate .NET logs for better management

    SolarWinds? Loggly? is a cloud-based log management and analysis solution that helps organizations in aggregated .NET logging. For larger organizations, managing multilayered applications over multiple servers can be difficult and time-consuming.

    Loggly allows centralized management of log data across all servers and gives you a snapshot of all server logs in one location. You can send .NET logs directly from various libraries, like Log4NET or .NET Serilog, to Loggly in an agentless architecture. Loggly lets you automatically archive your historical logs once they overpass the log retention period, so you can easily retrieve them if required for any analysis or compliance purposes.

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    Troubleshoot faster with proactive monitoring

    When all your .NET logs are centrally managed in one location, searching and filtering data becomes easy. Loggly empowers you with powerful and intuitive search capabilities to reduce time and effort in monitoring log data.

    Loggly helps you easily sift through thousands of logs and find the right issue, in just a few minutes. Dynamic Field Explorer functionality offers an intuitive interface to discover the root cause of issues occurring across the distributed stack in an inclusive manner. Loggly’s live tail feature helps you in proactive .NET error logging by allowing you to see all logs across the systems in real time, without requiring you to log in to remote systems.

    Leverage visualization for better analysis

    In addition to logging .NET errors centrally, Loggly offers integrated charts and dashboards to visually represent the log data. Effective visualization helps in better log data analysis to answer key questions, track data patterns, and spot trends.

    Loggly also provides a view of all the critical events for a complete context of logs coming in from the distributed systems. You can easily spot anomalies in your logs with the Loggly anomalies trend chart and visualize your data with many types of bar and line charts available, which can be further grouped to create a unified dashboard.

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