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    What makes PHP log management so challenging?

    Log management can become tedious

    It is complicated to manage logs from multiple sources in a distributed stack. With numerous events across multiple servers, it is not easy to monitor performance and usage levels.

    Log search and debugging takes time

    Basic PHP logging tools offer limited automation to expedite the search. Because of that, PHP debugging with a massive log volume may become complex and time-consuming.

    Inability to visualize logs increases complexity

    With traditional PHP logging tools, it is hard to discover recurring patterns and anomalies in logs. Often teams opt for open-source solutions to visualize PHP data for analysis, but this would increase overheads as they need complex integrations.

    Centralize all your PHP logs for seamless monitoring

    In a distributed environment, multiple sources generate numerous PHP logs, and consistent and reliable management of PHP logs becomes a challenge. SolarWinds? Loggly? is a cloud-based log management system designed to manage and monitor your PHP logs with higher efficiency.

    Loggly allows centralized PHP error logging to streamline monitoring of your PHP log data across devices and servers. Loggly has an agentless architecture that lets you easily send your logs to Loggly over PHP syslog, or use PHP logging libraries like Monolog. You can also archive your PHP logs on AWS S3 buckets for any specific period for compliance or other purposes.

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    Troubleshoot faster with advanced search and filters

    The Loggly highly interactive search interface helps you quickly sift through numerous lines of PHP logs without necessitating the knowledge of proprietary query language. The Loggly dynamic field explorer facilitates guided search by providing a quick summary of all your logs to easily spot unusual event counts or outliers.

    You can easily drill down into the relevant data to ascertain the root cause with a few clicks for faster troubleshooting. The surround search function from Loggly helps you view all associated events that have occurred just before or after any critical event across your distributed stack. You can also track PHP events in real-time with the Loggly live tail feature.

    Get actionable insights with quick PHP logs visualization

    PHP logging is significant only when you can analyze your data easily and proactively. That’s why Loggly provides integrated charts to help you visualize the search query results. You can choose from the various available bar and line charts to display important KPI-related information and various relevant metrics.

    The Loggly interactive charts and dashboards allow you to monitor your logs and trace events by easily detecting recurring patterns or trends with a few clicks. Loggly also allows you to share the dashboards with your team to foster collaboration and ensure everyone is on the same page. Further, you can download the dashboard in the form of a PNG image if you want to share it with other stakeholders.

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