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    What makes Tomcat logging so challenging?

    Managing high volumes of logs

    While it is possible to manage server logs locally in small setups, in a large distributed environment, you need to keep track of multiple servers, and managing numerous log files can be a big challenge.

    Finding useful information in the sea of data

    With a large volume of logs, Tomcat debug logging also becomes challenging. Teams struggle to get answers for their search queries as traditional tools start performing sluggishly due to increased workloads.

    Configuring different tools for troubleshooting

    To resolve issues faster, you need to analyze logs with visualization. However, configuring open-source visualization tools is not simple and can take up a great deal of time.

    Centralize all your Tomcat logs

    You can simplify log management with the SolarWinds? Loggly? cloud-based log analysis and aggregation service. Loggly is simple to set up and requires minimal effort for log collection. Whether its Tomcat 7 logging or Tomcat 9 logging, Loggly supports all versions. You can send your logs to Loggly using simple scripts, and it doesn’t need installation of any proprietary agent for this purpose.

    You can aggregate all your server, application, and infrastructure logs in one place to better manage and correlate all data. The centralization of logs will help you stay on top of your distributed environment and make the most of your resources.

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    Extract actionable intelligence faster

    Loggly helps you sift through a large volume of logs, reduce noise, hone in on specific fields, and filter the information to get to the root cause of issues faster. It can automatically parse a wide variety of logs into multiple fields and always offers near-instant results to your search queries.

    With the Loggly live tail feature, you can trace your logs in the production environment in real time. It allows you to inspect all associated events before or after a critical event with its surround search feature. The Loggly dynamic field explorer also significantly improves the time it takes to troubleshoot issues by helping you browse through relevant fields without wasting time in multiple search queries.

    Get advanced features with minimal configuration

    Loggly saves you time and effort in configuring multiple open-source tools for log analytics, aggregation, search, and visualization. With Loggly, you can visualize your search results with the help of charts. By clubbing multiple charts in a dashboard, you can get a quick overview of your environment and spot any errors or anomalies faster.

    Loggly also integrates with all popular notification services like Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, and more. You can configure alerts and receive them via these services to address critical events in time. It also integrates with GitHub and Jira to augment collaboration in teams. With all these features, you can focus on your tasks, ensuring maximum uptime and higher efficiency.

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