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    Seeking a Sumo Logic alternative?

    SolarWinds? Loggly? offers machine data intelligence for modern software and infrastructure.

    As an alternative to Sumo Logic, Loggly provides easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use log analysis and monitoring thousands of enterprises. No training, no agents, no hassles.

    Unified log analysis and monitoring

    The Loggly service connects the dots with unified log analysis and monitoring. It provides easy-to-use charts, dashboards, and alerts along with powerful analysis tools everyone on your team can use.

    Get answers right away

    Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer? summarizes log data for you, without the need to set up complex queries. Get a structured, browsable overview of your log data without having to create a single parsing rule. See what matters, spot anomalies, and zoom in and out with a few mouse clicks.

    No steep learning curve

    Modern teams need to be able to pull in subject matter experts quickly, and there’s no time to spend weeks training them to be log management experts. Anyone can query the Loggly system with full-text searches and searches by individual fields, ranges, and Booleans. Regular expressions are welcome but not required.

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    At first I was skeptical that log management could scale in the cloud, but Loggly won me over. I liked the pricing. I liked the front end. I liked the fact that I could pull out my phone at a restaurant and debug an issue right then and there.

    John Kelvie Chief Technology Officer, XAPPmedia

    Agent-free deployment

    Loggly uses open protocols to collect data, not proprietary agents. Send your logs via any agent that uses the syslog protocol (RFC 5424), like syslog-ng, rsyslog, and NXlog. Alternatively, use one of more than 50 other open protocols or our REST API.

    The Loggly source setup wizard provides ready-to-use commands and instructions for dozens of log sources.

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    Unlimited alerts

    Send Loggly alerts to PagerDuty, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any webhook-compatible notification service. Every alert comes with representative events and a link to the corresponding view within Loggly.

    Monitor for a variety of conditions with alerts based on searches, thresholds for your log metrics, and other statistical measures.

    Scale as much as you need, control the cost

    SaaS is in our DNA. Loggly offers predictable, low total cost of ownership (TCO) as you start out and as you grow. Our pure, highly scalable multi-tenant SaaS solution takes the headaches out of capacity planning, keeps you prepared for peak periods, and lets you benefit from economies of scale.

    • Data analysis and reporting

      Analyze and visualize your data to track SLA compliance, answer key questions, and spot trends. Loggly simplifies KPI reporting and investigation.

    • Troubleshooting with logs

      Trace issues down to their root cause. Identify correlations, see how components interact across your stack, share findings with your team, and view source code.

    • Proactive monitoring

      View system behavior, app performance, and unusual activity across the stack. Monitor key metrics and resources and help eliminate issues before they affect users.

    • Loggly for enterprises

      Our multitenant SaaS keeps TCO low while providing a safe, scalable, fast, and highly available solution to meet the highest standards.

    • DevOps integrations

      Work better as a team using data and analysis with DevOps tools. Loggly integrates with Slack, GitHub, Jira, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, custom webhooks, and more.

    How Loggly works.

    Spend five minutes to see how Loggly is different from Sumo Logic.

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